Hi, I’m Chloe, and welcome to my new blog CLOEBETH.

You may know me from my last blog A Day In My Wheels, but after many years in that space, plus a few years off, it felt like a new start was needed.

I loved that blog and being able to share my stories with everyone, but I feel like a completely different person from the 19 year old me that started it.

I now more than ever feel like I know who I am, and what it is I want to say.

I now want a space to properly represent that, and not so much the chaos of finding my feet, well wheels, that my old blog could often be.

Although there was always a lot of truth in my old blog i often held back, wanting in many ways to just show strength and times of happiness. I also didn’t always feel equipped to properly express how I felt in moments. I’m now confident enough in who I am I don’t really care about people’s reactions, I just want to share my truth.

I want to create a blog that is an honest reflection of who I am and my life.

Explore the differences in living life with a disability and give you all an insight.

So much of my life is full of thoughts that if your life isn’t touched by disability you would never even think about.

Which is absolutely fine, I know before my accident the accessibility of a place would never have crossed my mind.

So it’s my hopes that I can bridge the gap a little, and help create a little understanding. Open up honest conversation, answer the questions people are often to scared to ask. End the awkward and end the fear, because at the end of the day, despite all the added extras I’m just a twenty-something year old woman with all the thoughts, feelings and wants of everyone else.

But I am not just my disability, and my blog will be a mix of all things me. My loves, my adventures, my thoughts. The good, bad and everything in between.

We all have a voice, a story, lessons to learn and to share.

This is mine, and I hope you enjoy.

Love, C x

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Well written Chloe you are a very talented girl an inspiration to all…. wishing you all the best with your blog and look forward to reading it. xxx


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