A Song And A Story : Sean

Music has this incredible way of instantly being able to take us back to a moment, a place, or a time. Whether that be through the lyrics of a song, or the song itself is held to that memory.

A Song And A Story is a place for people to share these stories, with this post coming from the lovely Sean Martin.

The biggest of thank yous for sharing this.

You can see the first A song And A Story HERE

My song that stirs up a certain memory is not just a certain song, but a certain version of a song.

December 9th 2011, it was the day I had to move out of my childhood home. I’d bought it from my parents with my then-wife, but we’d split up, started divorce proceedings and had to sell the house to fund this. This was not going to be a good day.

I woke up and, as I always did at that time, turned my laptop on and logged on to YouTube. I am a massive fan of listening to songs on there and always enjoy watching people upload videos of them performing acoustic covers.

This particular morning I was watching Maverick Sabre perform ‘Fairytale in New York’ as part of a Christmas performance on BBC R1. What happened next has stayed with me since. My Mum (my parents were staying with me through the house sale/divorce) told me that during the night my 15 year old cousin had lost her long battle with leukemia.

This melancholic song always takes me back to that day and how I was feeling. One of the lowest I’ve been. But in a weird way it helps me remember that the bad times aren’t forever. I still listen to that version of that song every Christmas. This song represents love, loss and hope for the future.


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