Challenge Chloe

So this March, even though it’s my birthday month, and I like to celebrate for the entire month, I have decided to set myself a challenge, because why not.

It’s started because my family are doing a walking challenge between themselves, and for obvious reasons I can’t join in, although I did offer to wait in the pub at the end and save a table for everyone.

Whilst all were talking I thought to myself, what is it I can do that would be a physical challenge.

Punches, well my version of punches.

Let me explain why this is for me a challenge.

My level of injury ( which vertebrae I broke ) was C4 C5 and C6, now as shown on the graph below, everything including and below the level of injury is affected.

I have pretty good use of my bicep, but my tricep, which are used to straighten the arm, they SUCK!!

The other big muscles

• Brachioradialis: This muscle, located at the top of the forearm near the elbow, helps rotate the forearm both outwardly and inwardly. It also flexes the forearm at the elbow.

• Extensor carpi radialis longus: This muscle next to the brachioradialis is one of five major muscles that help to move the wrist in multiple directions. When you clench your fist, this muscle bulges out from the skin.

• Deltoid: Although technically part of the shoulder, the deltoid muscle controls the majority of the shoulder’s movements and thus enables the arm to have increased range of motion.

(Sourced from

Well they all work in limited variations, although I’ve use of them, I tire easily.

So now all the boring bits done, the challenge.

In the month of March I’m going to attempt to do 2,500 punches.

I was going to try and do 100 a day, but after trying to do it just 2 days in a row, I soon realised it wasn’t going to be possible.

This way by having a over all goal I can take well needed rest brakes.

In doing this I’d also like to raise some awareness and a little money for the charity Aspire.

Aspire provides practical help to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury, supporting them from injury to independence.

Many many years ago I received a grant from them to help me get some equipment to live more independently, and as I’m hoping to move forward into a new stage of life, and being more independent I’ll most likely be calling upon their expertise again at some point.

So please, please, please I’d love if you could sponsor me.

You can donate £2 by texting CPFA80 £2 to 70070

Or donate on my JustGiving page here: HERE

Not only will I love you forever, but you really will be contributing to such an amazing organisation.

Love, C x

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