Punching on : Day 7

We are one week in and my current overall tally is 460 punches and man am I sore.

Finding the motivation to complete my goal of 80 today was not easy. I was really tired, sore and stiff from 120 punches yesterday.

Sitting slightly tensed up in the cinema this afternoon because it was cold definitely didn’t help either.

But I did it, and now I’m in bed smothered in deep heat.

Apart from being sore all the time at the moment I have noticed some changes in movement, which to come already is quite frankly amazing.

I can straighten both my arms a little further, my right a lot further and hold it steady to punch consistently without rest.

The left arm although the extra reach is only tiny, I’m using the muscles in my arm more than my core, back to push forward, which is massive as my balance on my left side is so much weaker.

I have had to buy a wrist support though, which has helped with control too.

Just over 2000 to go.

You can still sponsor me HERE

A huge thank you to all that have sponsored me, you’ve all already doubled my target.

Every penny continues the work of Aspire and the incredible work they do in supporting those with spinal cord injuries.

Love, Cx

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