Plastic Straws

Ever since the world became woke about the effects of the overuse of plastic, I have had a low key simmering fear that is shared by the millions of people that have a disability.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I find the images of sea life affected by the plastic pollution as heartbreaking as everyone else. I also believe we should make a conscious effort to do something about it. It’s a problem caused by us and we have a responsibility to do something about it.

But I believe we also have a responsibility to each other.

To many banning plastic drinking straws may seem like the quickest and easiest way to make some kind of change. With many businesses applauded for switching to alternative opinions.

Yet for many it’s a rash decision, that has a detrimental effect on their life.

I have very limited use of my hands, I also don’t have the core balance to sit up unaided.

I need a plastic straw to drink everything I drink.

The reason I need a plastic straw instead of alternatives is because:

They are cheap – this is important because I need a straw for everything, which is obviously numerous times of day. A 100 plastic straws are £1, yet 10 paper straws are anything between £1 & £3. A pound a day for straws that are going to disintegrate into your tea soon adds up.

They are suitable for all temperatures – many of the alternatives to plastic straws can’t withstand warmer temperatures.

They are adjustable – the fact that I don’t have the ability to move means that there are plenty of times in where an adjustable straw is essential or I physically can not drink.

Of course every change helps, but it just feels unfair that something so necessary to so many people can be discarded so easily because it’s assumed to be a quick and easy solution. Especially when you have just taken the plastic straw out of a disposable coffee cup or throw away plastic drink container.

It also makes me sad that people turn on those that do feel they are a necessity, making them feel selfish and bad for using something they need.

There are thousands of things that people deem necessary, that people use everyday, and have an equal or worse affect on the world, and there’s no hate given and no opinion had. How many of you take those unnecessary car journeys to a place you could just as easily walk or bike to?

The thing is now people are more aware they can make changes in their own way. Using reusable coffee cups, choosing to not use a straw if they’re someone that has that choice, not using plastic bags, maybe buying a bar of soap instead of shower gel, bamboo toothbrushes, not using disposable razors. There are so many, just as easy, small changes people can make that isn’t taking from people too.

Yes we have to love and look after our planet, and everything that is a part of it, including each other.

Love, C x

6 thoughts on “Plastic Straws

  1. I find it strange that it is the consumer who has to change and not the companies and also the government. If we learn how to recycle plastic properly and not just dump it we can still keep using plastic. Also, it’s not just straws that are the issue so I do not understand why everyone has gone crazy about banning straws and not all the extremely unnecessary plastic wrapping that come with EVERY product! Great post chick!!


  2. Good post. A pub I was in recently didn’t have them because of this. I used to use straws for everything but the last 3/4 years I’ve been using these- It took a while to get used to because of my balance but now I use them for everything (I use insulated mugs for hot drinks). They don’t wear out/lose their adhesion. And because you only need the strap I leave one in my bag for when I’m out.


  3. This is such an important post! Thank you for sharing and making so many good points. I think pubs/restaurants should definitely keep plastic straws for those who have no choice but to use them. Well done for raising awareness on something that seems to be getting overlooked. Great post girl 💖 xx

    Bexa |


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