100 Movies Bucket List: Lion King

This year for Christmas my friend bought me the 100 movie bucket list scratch off poster, which is something i have actually looked at buying myself so many times but never actually took the plunge.

On giving me this she said that not only do i have to complete it in the year i have to write about each film to. Never one to turn down a challenge i accepted, but i was also really excited by it, because I love to write and i love film, yet my energy for writing has wavered in the last few years, and I’m not always great at watching films outside of what I like. So this is just perfect!

First film of both the year and of my movie bucket list challenge was the brilliant Lion King.

I’m very much someone that has to split up Disney films into categories, because picking one overall favourite is just an impossible task, however, Lion King for me is definitely one of the contenders for my number 1 Disney film.

Firstly this film holds a special place in my heart. Having lost my dad when I was just 8 it offered me a great deal of comfort when trying to navigate that grief. The conversation Mufasa has with Simba about the kings of the past looking down on us made everything feel that little bit better. It was said in a way i could understand and made my dad not feel so far away. It’s a quote that I still use, love and offers me great comfort.

However, even without this extra sentiment this film for me is perfect. Big words i know but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that thinks this.

The songs are all great and it’s by far my favourite Disney soundtrack, i can’t help but always sing along, out loud, in all the joyous glee i would have done as a 7 year old.

Not only is it heart breaking, i mean can anyone watch Simba paw at Mufasa and not tear up just a little, but it is funny too. The humour provided by Timon and Pumbaa balances out the film to make it feel lighter despite the seriousness of a lot of the plot points as well as fun and at times feel good, all whilst keeping the sentiment and emotion of those tougher subjects.

It’s a story of loss, family, friendship, greed and betrayal, all wrapped up wonderfully in 90 minutes .

I can and do watch this film over and over and I’ll love it just as much forever.