My Ultimate Sleepover Watchlist

You are never to old for a sleepover, and for me the perfect sleepover consists of a number of things, comfy pjs, fizzy drinks, way to many snacks and a whole bunch of films.

Now the perfect sleepover watchlist depends entirely on whos attending, I have quite a varied group of friends but i know there’s something that we all love, and thats a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

For us that means American teen films from the early 2000’s.

Being in highschool or on our way when all these films came out it was these films that gave us silly ideas of how we thought being a teenager and growing up was going to be. Silly because the English and American school experience are wildly different things. However the thoughts, feelings, fears, wants and expectations of becoming a teenager and growing up are all still the same, and these films in their own ways spoke to that, making them feel relatable.

That, and they’re all just effing great films.

So here are my top 5 films for the ultimate sleepover.

Bring It On

I bloody love this film! Not only did i have THE biggest crush on Cliff, but i wanted to be Missy. I’m still overly impressed with myself that i can do the whole of Big Reds intro, and I find it incredibly difficult to not say count. me. in without the over exaggerated head wobble.

Mean Girls

Because this taught us it’s not about being popular, it’s a about friendship. This film is pretty iconic and embedded in our DNA. I’d almost say go all out when watching this ome, find your finest velour pink tracksuit, don a pair of mouse ears and get your cool mum to serve you drinks.

She’s All That

This might be a little early for some but this is a film i rented from blockbusters obsessively until my mum bought it me on video. It’s your corny boy, meets girl (as a bet) girl gets makeover, and all of a sudden boy really likes girl. *eye roll emoji* It definitely has some of those 90s problematic vibes, but as that artsy girl growing up i felt seen.


This film made me believe 100% that i was going to pack my bag one day and go on some teen angst road trip to find myself. It’s also perfect for the sing a long sessions when it’s getting a little later and you’ve had a wine.

13 Going On 30

Lastly is little gem, because how much did you want to be 30 flirty and thriving, and now we’re thirty trying to grab on to being 13 by having sleepovers.

What are all your sleepover must watches?