My Sunday recommendation: Young Adult

I am forever being asked to recommend films, and I’m forever wanting to recommend films, but as i watch so many my mind goes instantly blank the minute I’m asked.
So here is my new hopefully weekly Sunday recommendation.

Young Adult

One of my favourite groups of films has to be the very small and pretty niche genre of teen angst. I always find myself relating to them, and not always in in a “oh i felt that in high school too” kinda way, but in a “omg why do I still feel like that” kinda way. Because truth be told I’ve still not grown out of my teen angst and im in a permanent state of existential crisis.

I can’t lie high school for me really were the best days of my life. Even with all the hormones and the questioning, life felt freer. The world was my oyster and there was no pressure to know who you were or know your life plan, even though i definitely thought i did.

However now as i approach 30 and still don’t have a effing clue, people ask a lot of questions and the pressure would make anyone want to try and find that freedom of being a teenager.

This film for me epitomises these feels.
Mavis, played by Charlize Theron left her small town, following the bright lights of the city to become a writer. She now finds herself broke, alone and pretty lost. She decides that going home and trying to relieve the good old days might help her fill the void and bring her happiness, and getting back with her high school sweetheart will make everything good again.

I found this film not only moving, but really funny, and although Mavis is a bit of an arsehole, you see that she is just lost, and as more of her unravels she becomes someone I’m sure many can relate too.