Turkey Burgers

Whenever I think of Turkey burgers, or have attempted to make them in the past they have always been really dry, and no matter what I put in them they seem to be super bland.

However i felt this spark of guilt when it came to buying some beef mince, and instead of going for a plant based meat substitute i convinced myself that buying Turkey mince has a lower impact on the world than beef, and if not, at least its a little healthier.

But there was still the matter of combating the dryness, and after extensive research I’ve figured it out.

Not only is it lovely and moist it’s super tasty, and I’m going to go as far as saying it’s one of the tastiest burgers we’ve ever made, and my mum makes some tasty burgers.


We made 3 big burgers with this recipe as we had them bunless, but it could stretch to 4

500g 7% lean Turkey mince
1 egg
1 slice of brown bread turned into breadcrumbs
20g grated parmesan
20ml of milk
Half tspn of onion powder
Half tspn of garlic powder


1. Put everything in a bowl, just mix together with a spoon then get your hands in a mix together properly.

2. Split into equal portions and then shape into burger patties, let sit for about 10 minutes while you’re oven heats up.

3. Cook at 180°c for about 30 minutes depending on thickness, flipping half way through.

It’s as easy as that.

We served ours with wedges, salad and my homemade salsas.