100 Movies bucket list: The Evil Dead

I can’t lie, i was a little apprehensive about watching this film, because as a massive horror fan with a love of cult film i really want to like it.

However, i started watching it once before about 10 years ago with my brother, and we turned it off after a tree was trying to get it on with a woman, which if you haven’t seen this is only about 10 minutes in.

Now having watched it i don’t know if i hated it or loved it.

It’s difficult because I watched this film with 2 brains, my film graduate brain, and my just a person watching a film brain. They don’t usually clash, but this ones got me conflicted.

On one side i can completely understand why this is a cult classic.

I love that it goes hell for leather. It just goes for it, it’s just mad and properly gruesome at times, even with the slightly dodge 80s effects.

Watching it as if i was in the 80s, it feels experimental, and new, and you can see it has a want to be different and i admire that.

I can also see how films since have taken influence from it and that alone is enough to make it great.

Yet the other side of me just finds it clunky.

There’s no plot beyond, they go to a cabin in the woods, find a tape, become possessed.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve watched many a bad horror film with just as little to go on, yet there’s normally a bit of an explanation, things just kinda happen in this.

There’s nibbles of things thrown in to try and create story, but they’re soon forgotten and not really addressed.

Then there’s the camera work.

Instead of seeing the excitement of something intriguing and new, i see someone straight out of film school throwing every technique they’ve ever learnt at their first film.

Instead of it feeling like it has a flow its just shot, shot, shot.

Which, along with the plot feeling like it’s just happening, makes the whole film feel, clunky.

So yeah im a little split in my thinking .

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