Cornflake Tart

Now if you don’t know what cornflake tart is, it’s about time you equate yourself with it, because it is incredible!

I recently saw a local bakery had added it to their menu and i was instantly taken back to school, and just had to make it.

This is sweet, jammy goodness that will keep you going back for more.


200g of cornflakes
250g of golden syrup
100g of butter
50g of brown sugar
125g of strawberry or raspberry jam
1 sheet of ready rolled short crust pastry


1. Roll out your pastry to fit a large pie dish

2. Bake blind for 15 to 20 min at 180°c

3. Whilst that’s baking add your syrup, butter and sugar together into a small pan and mix together over a medium heat until melted together. Take off the heat and add your cornflakes, make sure they’re all covered.

4. Take out your pastry and spread the jam generously. Add your cornflake mixture and then back in the oven for 5 minutes.

5. Let cool so it sets and EAT!!

This also goes amazing with custard.


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