Sunday recommendation: Crawl

Today’s recommendation is a new one to me too as i only watched it yesterday.

But as we are battered with bad weather i feel like its the perfect film to hide indoors with.

Because lets face it, there is definitely a group of films that are just best enjoyed when it’s a dull rainy day. My go to is usually Harry Potter, but i also love a good action film or thriller that in it’s self is as rainy as it is outside.

Crawl, is definitely that film.

It sees Haley head home to try and find her dad who is MIA as their town is called to evacuate as a hurricane approaches. She soon finds him, along with two very feisty alligators.

For me this film is also a very welcomed addition to one of my favourite niche genres, the stalking croc/shark film. There’s a lot of utterly terrible ones, much thanks to the syfy channel, but this one is actually really good.

It’s got moments of real tension, and you find yourself anxiously waiting for something to just happen so you can breathe again.

Yes it’s got a couple of plot holes, and the cgi is a little off, but it’s a thrilling ride for a rainy afternoon.

*slight spoiler alert for my sister in law katie, so don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know*








The dog doesn’t die.

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