100 Movie bucket list: Psycho

There’s 2 films and one director that i credit for helping me get into uni.

One of those films is Psycho.

It’s one of the first films we studied at college when looking at mise en sence, this is the study of everything we see on screen, the lightning, the decor, props, costume, positioning aswell as the camera work and framing of a shot.

We looked at how thd camera angles created vulnerability and authority. It was a example that stuck with me and instantly concerted the importance of cinematography, which is what I wrote in my personal statement.

All this, and i hadn’t actually re watched it since college, so I was looking forward to revisiting it.

I have to say i enjoyed it more than i remember doing so on my last watch.

I like that this film is, if compared to to thrillers/horrors of today really quite subtle, yet still holds its own.

We are slowly reveled to Norman Bates “oddities” and i like the slow build of unease brought by that.

I still love the plot twist, i still think it’s clever and for those unknowing of the story i believe they would find it shocking.

Then there’s the very famous shower scene, again i love the subtleness. I know this would have been considered quite brutal for the time, but in todays film language, it’s incredibly tame. Now I’m no prude, and I’m not opposed to a good gory cinematic dsath, but I think it can be a bit much. It was refreshing to not have a shot slowly scan up a woman’s naked body just because she was in the shower, i didn’t mind not seeing a knife puncture the skin over and over, with mass amounts of blood, and see her drop to the floor with a shot that just happens to catch a boob.

You don’t see all this but you still know she was brutally attacked and killed in the shower.

The only thing is, because I’ve watched some of Bates Motel i feel like we know more about Norman, it’d been nice to have delved a little deeper into his psyche in the actual film.

4 stars

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