These are a few of my favourite films…

It’s my birthday, so instead of a Sunday recommendation yesterday i thought I’d indulge you in a list of all my favourite films, well not all, my top ten. I was going to do 5 but it was just to hard, and even with this list it’s not a ranking, they’re all equally my favourite.


Halloween was introduced to me by my obsessed younger brother when i was about 10/11. Up until that point i was scared of my own shadow.
So I reluctantly agreed to watch it while we were visiting my uncle in Canada, but only during the day.
I instantly loved it. I honestly don’t know what it was back then, but it sparked my love for horror and I’ve never looked backed.
As the years have gone by my appreciation for the film has grown on so many levels.
I love all the sequels, and loved that me and my brother went to see the new one together, keeping the tradition alive.


Scream is a film that gets my film geek juices flowing.
It’s so clever, so incredibly well written, filmed, cast, it’s just everything.
I love the awareness and i love how it plays with you, with horror and with film.
I also love all the sequels, yes all of them.

A bout de souffle

I always said i wouldn’t be one of those slightly obnoxious film graduates whose favourite film was a old black and white French film, well, here I am,
I fell in love with French new wave by the end of this film.
I’m a sucker for a tragic love story, and this for me is just perfect.

The Breakfast Club

I read in the TV mag that Muriels Wedding was going to be on at about 11.30pm, a film i loved, still do. So i turned on BBC 2 and no Muriels Wedding, instead they showed The Breakfast Club.
I knew a hour in this was going to be my favourite film. I love a film about teen angst, and i saw myself in the characters. I still have the biggest crush on 80s Judd Nelson.


I have watched this film so many times and still find it hilarious. It perfectly depicts my humour and is my absolute favourite comedy ever.

A Little Princess

This film means a lot to me. I watched it a lot after my dad passed away, and although the little girl does get her papa back i took a lot of comfort in it. It helped me navigate emotions and feel like things would be okay.
Oddly it made me want to go to boarding school. It created an obsession with faux fur hand muffs, sticky buns and china dolls. Oh and I still want a pair of the slippers Sarah gives to Becky, and a breakfast like the one conjured up.

Get Out

One of the newest films to make my list but a very welcomed addition. Like Scream i love the bones of this film. It again plays with the audience and is so clever in how it has this undercurrent of unease. It perfectly places you in the film, whilst also having a bigger social message.


Grease for me is a bit like a big comfort blanket. I feel like it’s a film i have always just known. It just puts me in the best moods, i can’t help but sing and bop along.

Hot Fuzz

I really really do love British film. It gets a bad wrap sometimes, but there are honestly some greats. Like a good chunk of the rest of my favourite films i love this because the film geek in me can properly geek out. With this film its the editing. It’s something I love in all of Edgar Wright’s films but it just adds so much to this film. It’s also really funny.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I did almost cheat and put all the Harry Potter films, but this is definitely my favourite. I can’t lie the addition of Lupin and Sirius Black do play a big role. But it’s where Harry Potter for me takes a darker turn and the franchise just goes from strength to strength.

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